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Faculty Recommendations

As a part of your Study Abroad Application, you are required to provide at least one Faculty Recommendation.  Number of recommendations needed will vary depending on the program you are applying to.  

Recommendations are considered part of the Study Abroad Application and must be completed before the deadline in order for your application to be reviewed.  

Once you start an application, your Faculty Recommendations can be found in the Application Forms.  These recommendations are completed digitally and will not require a hard copy letter to be turned in to the Study Abroad Office. Simply fill in their information and an email will be sent with directions on how to complete the form. 

As the recommendation requests are sent via email, we encourage you to speak to your recommender first to ask them if they will be a reference for you, rather than just simply emailing them the reccomendation form.  


A Faculty Recommendation must be:
  • From Illinois State University  (if you are a recent transfer student, see advisor for more information)
  • A Professor or Graduate Assistant you have or had in class
  • An Academic Advisor you have had for more than one semester

A Faculty Recommendation cannot be: 
  • A Parent, Guardian, or other family member
  • A Supervisor, Mentor, or Coach (from on or off campus)
  • An RSO Advisor
  • A High School Teacher or Coach 

If you are applying for a Language program, it is highly recommended to have at least one recommendation from a Language Professor. 

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